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Sedation Dentistry Fort Collins CO

Sedation Dentistry involves the use of sedatives in order to produce a relaxed state for dental treatment. Dental sedation is an excellent solution for anxious or fearful patients or patients that need to undergo extensive treatments.

Dr. Ulibarri has a variety of conscious sedation options available for his patients. Sedation types, depth, and effects fall onto a spectrum.

  • Nitrous Oxide: also known as “Laughing Gas”, is a colorless, sweet smelling gas that is administered through a mask in combination with oxygen. Nitrous oxide produces an analgesic (numbing) effect and can also give a sense of wellbeing. Nitrous is commonly used for anxious patients during mild and limited procedures such as fillings and crowns but may be used in combination with other forms of sedation.
  • Local Anesthesia: is delivered directly to the area that will be treated. Local anesthesia is used in many dental procedures including fillings, crowns, root canals, and oral surgeries. It produces a profound sensation of numbness in the area it is administered to. Local anesthesia can be used in combination with more potent forms of sedation such as IV or oral sedation.
  • IV Sedation: is the most profound form of conscious sedation that Dr. Ulibarri administers to patients. Medications are delivered intravenously to the patient (specific types and combinations of medications vary from patient to patient and depend upon a review of the relevant medical history for each patient). IV sedation induces a “twilight” state of consciousness during which patients will still be responsive to verbal commands, but may drift in and out of sleep. The procedure (from the patient’s perspective) will seem to last only a few minutes and may not be remembered entirely.

The conscious sedation methods Dr. Ulibarri employs are widely accepted and safe procedures that can greatly benefit anxious and fearful patients. These options enable them to receive the dental treatment that they need in order to maintain optimal oral health. Longer procedures that might usually require multiple appointments can be done in one with the use of conscious sedation.

At Ulibarri Family Dentistry we are committed to providing our patients with highly personal and individualized care. We understand that dental anxiety is a real and serious concern for many people. We are here to ensure that our patients can receive the care they need in a way that makes them comfortable and safe individually. If you have been avoiding the dentist due to anxiety please contact us to learn more about what sedation dentistry can do for you.

Going to the dentist doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience! If you are interested in our sedation dentistry services, please call our Fort Collins CO Dental Office at (970) 224-5599.

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